Sessions with Me

Are you ready to explore your playful fantasies or your darker desires? Tell me your longings, then let me take the lead – I’ll guide you through an intimate and intense journey of pleasure and pain, control and submission, touch and intimacy. I prefer to build an ongoing relationship with my playmates. As we continue to nurture our connection, we can dig deeper into your most secret places…

Activities I enjoy

  • Rope bondage (restrictive, sadistic, decorative, suspension by advance request) – this is one of my specialties after years of practice!
  • Leather bondage
  • Plastic wrap mummification
  • Genitorture, CBT
  • Spanking, Caning, Flogging, Whipping, Paddling, Slapping, Punching
  • Sensation play: Massage, Clamps, Pinching, Tickling, Ice, Heat, Pressure Points
  • Temporary Piercing, Stapling, Suturing
  • Urethral sounding
  • Saline inflation
  • Electrical play (violet wand, stun gun, TENS unit)
  • Roleplay – let your imagination run wild! Be my student, subject, slave, or employee. My favorite roles include the fascinated lab researcher, the CEO in control of your career, and of course, Miss Lorelei the librarian, ready to discipline you firmly or read a sexy story aloud.
  • Cross-dressing/light feminization (with your clothes, wig, shoes, etc)
  • Dominance/submission
  • Discipline and Punishment
  • Body Worship
  • Golden Showers
  • Shoe, Boot, and Foot Worship (I have an amazing collection of heels)
  • Fetish exploration – Feet, shoes, hair, leather? What’s your pleasure? Let’s indulge it.
  • Looking for something on the softer end of the spectrum? I love all kinds of touch, and a nearly endless list of other sensory pleasures.

I enjoy wearing dresses, leather, high heels, stockings, lingerie, and corsets while I play. If there is something particular you’d enjoy seeing me wear, you may make a request; I will consider your desire when dressing, but the final choice is mine.

Activities for which I am unavailable

  • Serious degradation – I enjoy playing with naughtiness, embarrassment, and punishment, but my style tends to be very positive and encouraging.
  • Activities that leave permanent marks
  • “No safeword” scenes  – all play must include some form of ongoing consent, verbal or not
  • Full feminization, unless you provide all your own clothing, shoes, wigs, etc. I am not equipped to outfit you from my collection, but I’d love to see your sexy pretty things!
  • Wrestling
  • Fireplay

None of these limits are a judgement on these kinds of play or those who enjoy or provide them. I exclude them either because I’m not skilled at them, they’re not safe for me, or they’re just not to my taste.

My Studio and Location

My studio is not your average dungeon; it’s more boudoir than torture chamber. Rest assured, the softer setting does not inhibit my ability to inflict pain or keep you firmly bound.

If you crave a more traditional dungeon setting, I may be able to arrange an alternate location. Please provide at least 2 weeks’ notice and be prepared to plan in advance.

My playroom is located just a few minutes from downtown Seattle. My location does have one flight of stairs and cannot be accessed by elevator. If you have a disability or special accessibility requirements, I’m happy to come to you or help you choose an appropriate venue, for no additional fee. If you’re visiting from out of town and cannot travel to my studio, I will also consider your request to visit you at a reputable downtown Seattle or Bellevue hotel. In that case, I do request an additional $50 outcall convenience fee in additional to my usual donation rate.