About Miss Lorelei


I am a lifestyle BDSM player with many years of experience on both the top and the bottom, although I prefer to be the dominant partner. I continue to hone my craft and expand my repertoire through education and mentorship. My style of play ranges from light-hearted to severe, but is always sensual and intimate. I love touch, and my silky skin (free of tattoos or piercings) may soothe the sting of my sadism. I’m likely to giggle as I inflict pain. Depending on the company, I have been called “the mean one” and “the nice one”. Which side of me will you see? It depends on you – I take pride in both.

I am college educated, a former librarian, and a voracious reader; my favorite genres are speculative fiction, history, and biography. My media tastes are eclectic, ranging from Downton Abbey to Doctor Who, and from Shakespeare to Sondheim. You’ll find me a stimulating and intellectual conversationalist, and I value thoughtfulness and wit in others. Book recommendations are always welcome!

I love travel and exploration. One of my passions is culinary adventure; I have been known to travel to distant cities solely to sample restaurant offerings. I’m a sensualist through and through, and much of my time is spent pursuing sensory pleasures of all kinds.

A few of my favorite things: the color purple, lingerie, corsets, stockings, leather, sky-high heels, massages, lilacs, raspberries, chocolate, champagne, kissing, pin-up girls, baby goats and lambs, the smell of old books, musical theater, impeccable grammar, well-composed emails, flirting.

Gifts are never required, but should you wish to spoil me, I do maintain an Amazon wishlist (which also includes a selection of desired gift cards). Always welcome are milk chocolate, white and sparkling wine (no red, please), books, silver-tone jewelry, lingerie, and shoes. I also love gift cards from Amazon (for nearly anything I can imagine!), Mr S. Leather (my favorite source for toys and leather), Nordstrom (have you admired my shoe collection?), Dark Garden (my favorite corsetier), and of course, Home Depot and Bed, Bath, and Beyond to help outfit my new playspace perfectly!

Age: mid-30s

Shoe size: 8.5US/39EU

Bust: 36C

Dress size: 8/Medium

Hair du Jour: Red, mid-back length